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Welcome to GoAfroGo_Icons

Thanks for looking around!

Only a couple rules 'round these parts:

Requests are accepted on my personal journal goafrogo_mod. If your request is filled, I'll tell you so on your post, and post it through goafrogo_iconz. No icons are personal and you can make as many requests as you would like. Just don't be a snobby monster and we'll get you your icon jumpin jack fast.

Chatter is SO allowed. Questions and How To's are also encouraged!

Joining is nice! It makes me feel spechul!

LJ-Cuts are appreciated.

GoAfroGo_Iconz is ANTI-FLAME! Constructive critism is encouraged.

A little clue: Click on the Entry tags that are on top of each icon entry to find other icons in entries that you might also like!

No need to credit. I'm making these icons for everyone, not just myself so take what you'ld like.

 But, I do ask that you comment me when you take one, just to see what you liked! And, that you don't say you made the icon, just out of respect. 

Well, I think that's about it...

Thanks a bunch!